Luge in Llandudno

It’s not everyday that you’re whizzing down the side of a grassy mountain in a metal luge in the north of Wales. Nor is it everyday that you follow that sort of adventure with mini golf, but I mean, it’s Wales, let’s just go with the flow haha…


As you edge towards the top of the luge, the view expands to encompass not only mountain but sea and town, too. Winding roads hug the cliffs, meandering across terrain too wild.


You get to the top of the ride. As you’re edging towards your fast descent, your eye wanders across a particularly green peak. You’d just danced with friends, free as a bird, atop that crest. From down there it looked so high up, so magnificently big…from here, it seemed a toy town.


Down, down you spin and turn along the luge’s track, hugging the metal frame and pulling the rod to make it go faster. And then, suddenly, you’re back on firm ground from which the peak you’d just conquered seems infinitely bigger x

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