Getting Around London – Your Transport Options

London can be intimidating to the untrained eye, but fear not, today’s post is all about getting you from Point A to B in London, easily, quickly, and exactly how you want!

Oyster Cards

While these are slowly being phased out in favour of PayPass at Tube stations and on buses, I have many an Opal card stashed away from my trips to the capital. They are just so damn handy! Tap and go, easy peasy. Get yourself an Opal at any newsagent or tube station in London, and if you’re only staying a short time, take them back to a newsagent and get 10 pound back!

The Tube

I know the tube map looks scary, but trust me on this one – compared to Sydney trains, London’s tubes are SO easy to navigate. Mostly one platform for each direction at each station, just find your station on the maps all along the platforms and hop right on. Don’t expect to get a seat if you’re in Zone 1, but the vestibule is big enough that even the busiest of peak hour tubes are doable. The best part? The tubes generally come over 2 or 3 minutes in Zone 1 and 2, but do get a little more sparse as you get out of central London. Tube stations are dotted all around Central, and you’re able to walk underground between stations if you’re keen to avoid the rain!



If you’d ask me in Sydney if I’d take the bus or a train anywhere, I’d say train wholeheartedly, but in London the buses afford such majestic views (especially if you get pole position) that I can’t possibly favour the tube over a bus. If you’re looking for a historical experience as your ride, catch the number 15 that takes you from St Paul’s Cathedral to Trafalgar Square; it’s a rickety old bus, and it’s the only number that still has some historic big red buses working!


Boris Bike

I’m no cyclist, but even me, a complete amateur, could ride a bike around London (though let’s not go on any main roads, ok? Perhaps we’ll give Oxford St a miss). Cheap and so accessible, you’ll find these city bikes all around London. Just pop your card in, grab a bike, and return it wherever in the city you like!


In terms of apps to help make your way around London easier, I personally use London Transport Planner, though I hear CityMapper is also really user-friendly!

All in all, though, if it’s not pouring with rain (and even when it is) London is the most perfect city to walk through – check out my Walking Series if you’d love some inspo! xx

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