Blackwood Pantry, Cronulla

The coolest kid on the block, Blackwood Pantry has quickly become a fav in the Shire. Hidden behind the Mall in a tiny lane in Cronulla, Blackwood is the perfect hidden gem for any breakfast, brunch or lunch dilemma. Whether you’re rewarding yourself after a morning walk on the beach or else celebrating a birthday (hint, hint, ME!) I’d definitely recommend setting out a good hour or three and embracing the freshest of tastes and the most delicious foods and drinks your tongue has ever experienced!


Whatever you do, do NOT miss out on the sweet potato fries – they are to die for!! And my personal favourite, the falafel bowl, which features ribbon-like cucumber, chia seeds, poached eggs, cauliflower, an avocado stuffed full of salsa and, of course, falafel!

Between us 6, we pretty much all got either the falafel bowl or the avocado toast, but the resounding favourite was the falafel bowl!


A couple of the girls scuttled off on a secret expedition, so the rest of us indulged in some sandwich brownie/cookies, naturally. Salted caramel was by far the better of the two, but the peanut butter ones were so ridiculously delicious you wouldn’t do badly by ordering them!

As the girls returned, some passionfruit and coconut hotcakes arrived, into which were promptly placed some ’22’ candles – and yes, trust me on this one, one serve of the hotcakes to share after all this food is definitely enough xx


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13 thoughts on “Blackwood Pantry, Cronulla

    1. Thank you sooooo much Lorelle, I love your stories and photographs, too, they never fail to make me feel cosy and happy!! Mine was actually back in August haha (bit late to posting this brunch spot!) but Happy birthday!!!! xxx

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