Lush Rosy Cheeks and Cupcake

If there’s one thing that really killed me while I was in England, it was their water. Technically, Lancaster and Sydney both have moderately soft water, but for some reason (whether it was the water and air combo or who knows what), my skin and hair were perpetually dry.

Enter: Lush


I didn’t realise how beneficial and how much Lush face masks actually worked wonders on the skin until I was back in Sydney, but knowing I have a trip to the UK coming up very soon (!!), I’ll be sure to be packing one!

For my mum and I, I got us the Rosy Cheeks and the Cupcake face masks to try last week, not realising that as fresh face masks they pretty have a 2 week use-by! Just another excuse for more regular face masks, though, isn’t it ๐Ÿ˜‰


According to the container, Rosy Cheeks is meant to soothe the skin and eliminate any redness, while Cupcake is for more acne-prone skin. Not gonna lie, I chose both on scent alone, they really are delicious!!

I find the scent of Rosy Cheeks the most alluring, and it is the easier of the two to apply. I’ve actually been using both at the same time to target the different properties on different areas of my skin (i.e. Rosy Cheeks on my cheeks and nose, and Cupcake on my chin and forehead) and I’ve found that yields the best results.


They both really do what they promise – in the week and a half since I’ve been using them, my skin has cleared up considerably and it feels as supple as I wish it always could!


I think a couple of these are going to *somehow* find their way into my suitcase for when my bestie and I are travelling around the UK…xx

*Not sponsored

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