Essentials for Moving into Uni

Hello, October – we see you right around the corner! I know the majority of my readers aren’t from Australia so it’s very likely that if you’re a Uni student, you’re likely going to be packing your things around this time and heading into student accomodation or houses near your campus!


Here in Sydney, I live at home and travel everyday to uni but while on exchange I was living in a flat on campus with 7 other students. I’ve gotta say, shopping for bits and bobs for my room, my bathroom and the kitchen was one of the most fun parts of the initial couple weeks, and so here are a couple tips I have for things you’ll be needing or maybe wanting to purchase either before you move or else in the first few weeks of living on campus!

  • Coloured plates, cutlery, glasses – I know, I know, minimalist is ~cool~ and white plates are traditional, but trust me, when someone has forgotten to clean the tomato sauce stains from their plate and its gone all crusty, you’re going to want to know who’s plate it is (and mostly, make sure it’s not yours!) With 8 or more people generally living in one flat, distinguishing your own plates and cutlery is a must.
  • A duvet and pillow set – Lancaster University provided a bedding set if you opted to have one, but the mustard yellow of the duvet and pillow covers was depressing. Thank goodness for a local Wilkos where I picked up a relatively cheap white and purple set! It honestly changes how your whole room looks, considering your bed takes up a massive chunk of it
  • A small plastic bucket – I personally used mine for hand washing items in the first week when I wasn’t sure where the laundry was, but then found a use for it when cleaning my bathroom. Some of my flatmates even used theirs to wash up their kitchen stuff. Honestly, it’s an essential!
  • Hangers!!! – My accomodation did not come with hangers for my wardrobe and I didn’t even think to bring some! Poundland this time was a life saver, I picked up soooo many hangers
  • A small desk mirror – Ladies, this one is for you. The shelf space in my uni bathroom was so minimal I could hardly fit a toothbrush on it, so having a small desk mirror to do my makeup was really handy
  • Hooks that hang off the back of your door – I didn’t have these but I wish I did! Particularly if you’re in a cold part of the world, having these additional hooks to hang your coats and jackets is such a necessity when you think of how bulky your coats are, and how minimal the space in your wardrobe is
  • Cleaning products – buy these as cheaply as you can, and buy these in advance! I made sure to do a thorough clean of my bathroom and desk in particular before I used any of it on my first night there, because who knows whats been where and who’s touched what!
  • Sponges – We ended up always saying that we would just rotate who bought the kitchen sponges, but in reality, do you really trust the cleanliness of all your flatmates? Probably not, and the sponges no doubt get encrusted with grime and old food on the daily, so bring your own, and bring spares. Again, Poundland does just fine with stuff like this
  • Photos from home – I don’t know what I was thinking, but I didn’t bring any photos from home to pin up on my walls when I moved in! I was getting so homesick and so desperately needed photos that I got my parents to send me some a few weeks after I moved in! On that note, bring anything you think will be homely and make you feel cosy and happy to be where you are
  • Bed socks and slippers – Trust me, you’re gonna be spending a lot of time in the flat, so you may as well get cosy. They’re a necessity ๐Ÿ˜›
  • A first aid kit/medicine box – I filled mine with bandaids, cough drops, Lemsip, Panadol, a spare needle and thread, drixine and any other bits and bobs in there. At some point, every single person I lived with needed something from my little first aid kit!
  • A mattress topper – again, not something I bought for myself, but trust me, you can reaaaaaally tell the difference from a tired, sorry mattress. Plus, hygiene!
  • A mini dust-scoop – for your desk!
  • A deck of cards – whether its being used for King’s Cup or just a general games night, a deck of cards is handy for making friends in the first couple weeks, too!


What else do you recommend you bring to your student accomodation? Pop anymore ideas below! xx

8 thoughts on “Essentials for Moving into Uni

  1. These are all great ideas! I’ve just moved into my third flat in three years whilst at University and I still feel I’m not very used to it… Momentos from home are definitely important like the photos you mentioned. Also, in my opinion, it’s important to decorate your room at Uni to make it feel more personal and welcoming. My room in my student halls a couple years ago had white walls and no decoration and I hated it, you wanna make the room somewhere you’d enjoy being as this might make it easier to be away from home ๐Ÿ™‚ Also anything you can do to increase storage, the hooks on the back of the door being a great example!

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    1. Thank you so so much for this amazing comment!!! I bet so many people are going to get sooooo much use out of all our tips ๐Ÿ˜€ I completely forgot about decorating it! Yes, definitely, anything little or big, even just flowers, make a room feel so so cosy xxx

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    1. Oh no that sounds awful!!! A fun story to tell after you’ve moved out of there hahaha – I feel like on campus accomodation is so easy because everything is managed for you, whereas living in London could definitely be more difficult! I’d love to hear more about your experience though, how you find a place in London etc. I’d love to live there one day…


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