Views // Lancaster University Edition

Views from my time at Lancaster…


Flowers on the edge of campus as Spring blossomed in front of my eyes. I’ve never experienced a place that felt the seasons so keenly, I only wish I had been there for Autumn as the tree-lined main drive would’ve looked spectacular aflame in oranges.


We trudged up a hill a few minutes away from the University, way above both Lancaster and Galgate. It was here that we made friends with some little lambs and if you look closely, you can just spy that turquoise building in the distance that heralds main campus.


There’s nothing like experiencing a sunset with no one else around but the occasional bunny or sheep in the distance, watching the fields turn golden after being played on all day by aspiring sportsmen…


My favourite saved till last…there’s nothing like the myriad of trails hidden in and around Lancaster University. Always something to see, new paths to be found, you’d often return much muddier than you had begun xx

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