Holland Park Hydrangeas, London

Do you remember when we scaled the spires of Royal Holloway? If you continue driving just a couple minutes further away from Central London, you’ll find the most incredible (and absolutely random) park that has ever graced London.


Imagine this: a massive lake as far as the eyes can see laid out in front of you. Beside it, to your left, kids play and families barbecue but you keep going because the sound of trickling water catches your attention. And yes, you will force the boys you’re with to pluck their courage and get stuck right in as you climb the heavy stones towards the top of the waterfall (don’t look down, it’s kinda far haha).


Having explored every inch of the waterfall and its surrounds, you’ll continue on around the lake and suddenly to your left appears the ancient columns of what looks like a British Parthenon. Ruins like this are scattered around the park, left to decay as children run past without even questioning their significance.

The lake gets a little further away as the climb slopes slightly upwards. Through some bush and suddenly with no lake in sight, there is just tall, towering grass. Muddle through (wear closed shoes!) and head towards the bridge. Ahhh…there’s that lake again.


The surprises haven’t ended though! Aside from a massive polo field in a few hundred metres time as well as a really random totem pole, the jewel of the park is the plethora of hydrangeas that appear as if out of nowhere, marking the end to your trudge through the grass.

For miles across the slope heading towards that polo field I mentioned earlier, hydrangea bushes grace the view. Pink, purple, blue. Get amongst them and maybe (just maybe) pluck one head for the walk back to the car.


That, my friends, is Holland Park. And yes, it is well worth a visit! xx

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