Beatles Must-See Spots, London

For any Beatles fanatic (just me? surely not) who has even just one day available in the capital, here are your must-see spots in London to get your Beatles fix…until, that is, you can pop on a train and get yourself to Liverpool ASAP

Abbey Road, St John’s Wood

Of course Abbey Road had to be number one on my list! The infamous crossing from the Abbey Road album (pls don’t tell me you believe any of those Paul is dead rumours!) now is complete with lights because, you guessed it, there were so many fans trying to recreate the perfect Beatles pic that traffic was well and truly blocked. After you scribble your name and some wonderful Beatles-lyrics on the wall of Abbey Road Studios, have your turn at crossing the zebra lines and getting your pic, and make sure you pop over to the Abbey Road crossing website (here) within 24 hours to see your walk!



7 Cavendish Avenue, St John’s Wood

After Abbey Road, you might fancy a quick walk to 7 Cavendish Avenue where Sir Paul McCartney bought his London home in 1965, to be closer to the Abbey Road Studios. I’ve never been lucky enough to spot him on the few times I’ve been, but you never know…


1 Soho Square, Soho

More a McCartney thing than a Beatles one, Soho Square is the idyll behind Oxford St that boasts the MPL Offices. They’re often curtained off, though, but for the sake of continuity I thought I’d best include it. Plus, it’s never a trip to Oxford St for me if I don’t pop round to see the foreboding wooden sign of MPL.


3 Saville Row

Ahh, who could forget the infamous rooftop concert the Beatles staged on top of the gorgeous London building in Saville Row. Today it stands as a beautifully decked-out Abercrombie and Fitch store, with the front room completely dedicated to books on the Beatles, which I thought was a lovely touch.



94 Baker St

The very short-lived Apple Boutique (opened by the Beatles Apple Corp from 1967 to June 1968) is now just another shop on Baker St, devoid now of its beautiful mural which defined it during the Beatles era. If only they kept the artwork up…

This is what 94 Baker St looked like in the Apple Boutique days…

There are plenty more specific spots in London that have the Beatles touch in its history, but for a start, these are definitely the places I would recommend visiting if you’re ever in London! xx

‘I would like to say thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves and I hope we’ve passed the audition.’ John Lennon, rooftop concert, 1969

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