Volcano Hopping in Santorini

Let’s ignore the fact that my legs are more sunburnt than C’s were when I accidentally gave her poisonous sunscreen to use (don’t ask), but hey! Look! Everything’s blue, and incredible, and hot and sunny and ahhhhh here comes the sunburn again…

There’s nothing like chasing your friend from pit stop to pit stop on your way to the top of Santorini’s famous caldera, knowing that a few stops not the boat later, we’d be bathing in hot springs next to a hut where a man and his goat live (true story).


If you’re heading to Santorini and want the full boat – volcano – hot springs – sunset in Oia vibe, then definitely carve out a day to get hot and sweaty, then nice and relaxed, then hot and sweaty again as you clamber up towards Oia before an incredible experience fighting tourists for a view of the world’s most beautiful sunset xx

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