5 Reasons Why Every 20-Something Should Live in the UK for at Least a Year

1 Europe is RIGHT there (and yes, flights are so so so cheap!)

In the six months I was living in England, I flew to Europe 8 times, and the MOST I spent on any one flight out of the UK was $180, and that was the most by a long shot. We got 2 pound tickets to Dublin, and 20 pounds to Paris. Plus, the Eurostar is fast and so convenient.


2 Sydney might be multicultural, but London might even be more so

One thing Sydney really shines in is its multiculturalism, but don’t despair – cities like London and Edinburgh are exceptionally multicultural too, but don’t expectΒ too many different nationalities in more northern towns.


3 Food shopping is ridiculously cheap

Especially the fruit (raspberries don’t have to be that one-off tugging on the purse-strings event you wait for every year). Oh, and the chocolate and lollies are exceptionally cheap too, just remember to call them “sweets” else you’ll be paying someone back for having bought you 50 lollipops instead of those gummy bears you were dreaming about


4 There are no lockout laws…

Ah, the dreaded lockout laws that hit Sydney streets and have changed the nightlife scene irrevocably. Not so in the UK, with pubs, bars, clubs all open until early hours of the morning. And if those aren’t your scene, a lot of public spaces have things going on at night, from museums open late to London’s infamous West End.


5 Up and down the country are so many diverse counties and cities, you’ll never be bored

The UK is so diverse – Scotland is just all around GORGEOUS, Wales is so so cute, England has such varied cities and towns all the way from Cornwall to York, and Northern Ireland…well, I have yet to go!



30 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Every 20-Something Should Live in the UK for at Least a Year

    1. That’s probably very true – Sydney and Melbourne especially are some of the most expensive cities in the world! Compared to what I’m used to here, the U.K. is definitely cheap (aside from the pesky exchange rate!!!)

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  1. Aww I love this post! I’m a born and bred Londoner (so maybe the cheap aspect doesn’t apply to me…lol) but I must admit as I get older I fall more and more in love with the UK. Definitely agree that access to the EU is a big bonus xx

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  2. It’s great that you love our country so much, thank you! I have lived in England most of my life and have lived in Scotland for the last few years and I love it so much, I’d love to see Australia at some point in my life though πŸ™‚

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