Travel Vision Board

I’ve recently become enamoured with the idea of manifesting and visualisation (the renowned The Secret definitely came to play here after my friend, N, swore that it completely changed her life!) And, given my blog, my thoughts, my dreams and my wish list, travel is a major part of my personal vision board.

So, without further ado, here are the images I have put on my travel vision board, both destination-centric and adventure-focused because, ultimately, I’m manifesting spontaneity, being care free, and most of all, happy! (and all credit to Tumblr, none of these images are my own!)


hyde park gates

brighton londonertumblr_nw32a0aGIt1qzdsvqo1_500.jpg

12 thoughts on “Travel Vision Board

  1. Great idea…6 years ago I put on Facebook that I was going to travel. When – not sure – how – not sure..but I had made a decision to travel to Paris. Last year it became a reality. Vision boards, putting it out in the universe eventually it will happen.

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  2. Visualization has helped me travel to 6 continents, more than 30 countries, buy a house, buy another one, and have a wonderful job that let’s me work from anywhere. Powerful tool to help you make the life you want. I look forward to watching your journey as these destinations become your reality!

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