Glasgow Necropolis

Is it creepy to write about a Necropolis? Maybe a little morbid? Well, strap in kids, ’cause we’re going on a ride through the eerie but wonderful ancient world of Glasgow Necropolis.


“Okay, we have about an hour to explore Glasgow before we have to leave, what do you guys want to see,” my dad said as we veered off of the motorway and into the outskirts of Glasgow.

Somehow, a few minutes later, we ended up at Glasgow Necropolis, after having realised we know nothing of Glasgow aside from the Hogwarts-esque University (and we couldn’t quite find that).


Huffing and puffing in the crisp morning, we scaled the grassy hill where thousands of quirky and wonderfully crooked headstones stood, some becoming part of the landscape as they leant against the walls of the hill. The graves become more imposing, more regal, as we reached the peak.


How did we get from getting stuck in the mud between graves to having a car accident with a taxi? Well, I guess that’s another story…xx

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