Primrose Bakery, London

Anyone even remotely into cute little bakeries (or even just into London in general) would know about Primrose Bakery, the gorgeously pastel coloured series of bakeries from Covent Garden to Kensington to, of course, Primrose Hill.


On my 15th or 17th (I can’t quite remember which!) birthday, my aunty bought me the Primrose Bakery book, Cupcakes, which I still adore devouring from cover to cover – the pictures are just so so beautiful and dainty, with wonderful staging. I’ll admit, I’ve only tried a couple of recipes from the book, but the rose cupcakes and earl grey cupcakes have never disappointed.


So when, on our last night in London in 2014, we were waiting for the doors to open to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in London’s West End, we happened upon the Covent Garden arm of Primrose Bakery. It’s the only branch I’ve been to, but I just keep going back, I love it so much!! That night, we got a rose lemonade cupcake, and ever since, I’ve gone back not so much for the cupcakes themselves (I find them a bit dry, to be honest) but for the experience itself.


It’s a spot just on the fringe of all the buzz of London, where you can pop in for a cupcake and some tea while you wait out the rain, as I’ve done countless times now. It’s that blast of happy yellow on the exterior that breaks up the monotony of the brick surrounding it. It’s the nostalgia that fills every nook and cranny of the bake shop, from retro flavours and toppings, to an old fashioned drinks board, to the fun use of block colours.

I would definitely recommend a trip to Primrose Bakery, if only for the nostalgic vibes! xx


15 thoughts on “Primrose Bakery, London

  1. What a cute bakery. Reminds me of Magnolia bakery in New York. When we were in London last, I had organised a
    ” Charlie and the chocolate factory high tea” at one of the hotels in Mayfair. What an experience. Will have to write a post on that one too…. Xx

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