365 Days On

2pm and I just realised it’s exactly a year since I boarded that flight to Sydney from London Heathrow, not to return for at least 18 months (December 2017, I am waiting for YOU). And it hit me, and it’s a weird feeling, not gonna lie.

Shock, Friendship, Momentos

At first, shock. An entire year has passed since all the adventures, the travel, the friends. I haven’t seen any of them (except my beautiful best friend) since July 17th 2016. 365 days ago. Some messages fly here and there, occasionally a FaceTime session, maybe a birthday card. But it’s very different being the one who literally got up and flew away from all of these people who had become a quirky little, sometimes dysfunctional, family. I have Edward from Thomas the Tank Engine in my study, tea in my drawer, cards and letters I cherish endlessly, a Christmas care package still largely in tact, photos plastered on my walls, and texts sitting in my phone…What makes a friendship? Do you need to be with someone constantly and physically to be friends? In my experience, no. Friendship conquers all boundaries.

Sadness, Nostalgia, Satisfaction

And then hits the sadness. 365 days since the best 7 months of my life. And there’s no way to ever go back to them, not exactly as they were, not without piles more responsibility, not without things shifting gears. Sometimes I wonder if I should’ve done more, seen more, been more, said more in moments like this where you think, did I really make the most of every second, every person, every possibility? At the time, jet setting to a new country every weekend certainly seemed like making the most of exchange, but then what about all the things I actually really miss? Chilled games nights with the flat, watching YouTube videos, dancing around and singing, car trips, cooking with everyone… Note to self: never take a second for granted. You never get that second back.

Appreciation, Gratefulness, Love

There’s nothing more to say than to be grateful for every opportunity, including the one right now. Whether you’re like me, sat in an office doing a job day-in-day-out, or else if you’re at home, or away travelling, or anything… appreciation allows you to cross mountains when you start to feel as if you’re stuck. Yes, 2016 was incredible and likely will stick out in my memory for a hell of a long time, but 2017 and 2018 and 2019 etc. can be just as good, just in different ways. Not everything can be a scene from a travel documentary!

365 days on. Where will everyone be 365 days from now? xx

12 thoughts on “365 Days On

      1. It’s awesome but I went with a different one 😜 numinous! Sort of describing an experience that makes you full of awe and fear, being overwhelmed and inspired. Which is how travel makes me feel

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      2. That’s such a beautiful word too…I love the word ‘sonder’ which is extremely relevant to travel, too – it’s about how every single person you pass in the streets is part of a network of connections and dreams that you will never know about…everyone’s life is just as complex as your own xx

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