This Day a Year Ago…July 4th ‘Wine in Tuscany’

They say a lot changes in a year, and I can testify to that wholeheartedly. Not only is July 4th my dog, Cloe’s, birthday, but this time a year ago I was in bustling Florence instead of sat typing in Sydney…

After four days in Florence, we decided to be spontaneous and literally just got on the next bus out of the city and into the countryside. After an hour’s bus ride past miles and miles of vineyards and not much else, we arrived in Greve in Chianti. What magic we found…
Deep in the heart of the wine region, the only thing left for us to do was, well, drink wine!
A light lunch in the heat
After walking what felt like hours in the sun looking for a “lookout” that didn’t exist, we eventually nested on a stone wall overlooking the humble Greve in Chianti. Pulling out writing books, P and I wrote to our futures, our ambitions and our dreams
Back in Florence, we ate pizza upon the bridge nearest Ponte Vecchio and watched the sun dip below the river for the last time xx

What were you doing a year ago? xx

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