8 Things you Must Do/Eat in Cronulla

As much as people want to bag the Shire, I love Cronulla. It’s my quick southern Sydney escape when I’m feeling low, and it’s an easy fix for those days where you don’t know where you want to eat/drink with friends! So, without further ado, here are 5 things you should see, do or eat while you’re in Cronulla!

1 Sunset Walk

I couldn’t even tell you how many sunset walks my soul has needed this past year – honestly, walking from Wanda beach to North Cronulla as the waves begin to glisten with that purple-y hue is nourishment for the soul. I promise you, you’ll never be left feeling disheartened because the magic of this time of evening surpasses everything.


2 Pilgrimms

A totally vegetarian cafe/restaurant, Pilgrimms goes from uber cool veggie breakfasts and lunches to a Mexican fiesta at night! Definitely try the burrito bowl, it’s amaze. And a good milkshake to wash it down never goes astray either!


3 Dog Beach, Wanda Gate 9

Unfortunately, not all Cronulla is dog-friendly, but if you head towards Gate 9 at the end of Wanda Beach, you’ll find what can only be described as dog heaven. Big pups and small all run amuck on the sand, some even daring to dip into the waves. It’s probably the easiest part of the beach to make friends, too, because everyoneeeeee wants to pat everyone else’s dogs haha!


4 Cronulla to the Nuns Pool Walk

Maybe it’s the seaside air or maybe it’s for the Instagram, but either way, a brisk morning walk in your new workout tights and sports bra is all the rage along the path from North Cronulla to the Nuns Pool (and even further if you’re game). Just make sure to get that cool pic on top of the rocks before you continue your, ahem, exercise

5 Taco Tuesdays at Beach Burrito

This one is fairly self explanatory, but in case you don’t get it, here’s the low down: Burritos. $3. Cheap sangria. 3 vegetarian options!! Right near the beach. If that’s not enough to blow you away, make sure you’re there for trivia night (and yes, I have yelled “these pretzels are making me thirsty” into a microphone in the middle of the restaurant at a Seinfeld trivia night!)


6 Beach picnic

I’ll leave this post to explain this glorious idea better…


7 Froyo

Ahhh, froyo, how I love you and your extortionate pricing…In all seriousness, I love froyo, and it’s a bit of a tradition for my friend and I to get some after dinner. You’ll find a couple of froyo places in the Mall.

8 Surf

I’ve left this till last because…well, it’s not really my thing. We used to have to surf at Cronulla for school sport sometimes in Summer, but after getting stung by a jellyfish and dumped by wayyyy too many waves, I gave up on the whole surfing career path. BUT! There are heaps of surf schools around and about Cronulla, and definitely the beaches are made for surfing, so if that’s your thing, have fun! xx


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