A Lizzie McGuire Moment

Hey now, hey nowwww, this is what dreams are made of

A Lizzie McGuire moment, Paolo, Vespa’s and killer dance moves were what we dreamed of as we stepped out of our hostel and into the bustle that is the centre of Rome. Despite it being barely 7am, the sun was already hot on our bare shoulders and our make-up was already starting to run. But the cobbled streets were stark, the only other people out and about being café owners and shopkeepers readying the day’s wares.

Weariness fell off us as we rounded the corner and the blaring whiteness of the Trevi Fountain crowded our view, entirely captivating and even more impressive without the fights of the crowds below pushing through to throw a coin over their shoulder for luck. In fact, we were two of the only people there. How magical, how dreamy…



^ The crowds on our first day in Rome compared to the emptiness and calm of this morning (the first photo posted above!

Setting up the camera on the ledge lining the fountain, danced around, singing and laughing. A man leaning on the rail overlooking the scene had a lazy smile on his lips, and a couple taking romantic lovey-dovey photos near us watched over as we doubled-over from laughter. Picking up the camera, I swooped in on P dancing, the marble angels carved into the fountain behind us seemingly dancing too as the light reflected upon the water and onto them. As the time neared 8am and the crowds slowly dribbled onto the scene, we took our leave and escaped to a fruit stall with the jolliest of shopkeepers. The wooden cart was laden with plums, bananas, apricots and grapes just falling over more and more fruit below. We loaded ourselves up with two bags full (not a smart idea in the summer heat, FYI) and traipsed the short distance to our next port of call – The Colosseum.





Have you ever seen such a beautiful night?

I could almost kiss the stars, for shining so bright

A few weeks before on our first foray to the capital, P and I had lay on a rock under the enormity that is the Colosseum, exhausted and jet lagged (well, she was jet lagged after a 24-hour flight, and I was just tired because I had spent the morning before awake at 4am to plane spot at Heathrow!) Then, the setting sun had been peeking through the giant window-like panes, and now it was just rising above the top of the Colosseum. The line to enter was already stretching beyond the ticketing area, snaking around, but not so far that we couldn’t find our own piece of ancient history…We danced again, of course, having the very proudest of Lizzie McGuire moments, as we chased the dust around the outskirts of Rome’s treasured gem, until the place became crowded and we could no longer pose without weird stares from passers by.


The only thing we couldn’t manage was testing our bravery by riding around Rome on a Vespa. Oh, we also didn’t fall in love with a Roman Casanova like Paolo, but that’s probably for the best, don’t you think?

I’ve got somewhere I belong

I’ve got somebody to loooooove


Rome, you may not be my favourite Italian city, but you certainly captured the Lizzie McGuire feels xx

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