In Fair Verona Where We Lay Our Scene

Romeo, oh, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

P and I chorused our own (fairly inaccurate) renditions of Shakespeare as we rushed towards Juliette’s balcony, knowing that hoarded of other tourists were hot on our heels as a couple of big buses had just pulled up outside the ancient city’s walls.

As we bounded towards the famous courtyard, our eyes were drawn to the magic that is the love plastered all along the tunnel walls – every inch of space had scribblings and hearts and love notes scrawled across the stone, creating a very fitting and very intense feeling as the tunnel opens up to the courtyard.


Did we push our way through masses of people to fight a spot on Juliette’s balcony? No. But did we do the customary tradition and touch the left breast of the statue of Juliette? Absolutely (in our defence, the lines were shorter here!)

verona2As love locks and more heart shapes came into view, P and I decided to retreat back to a quieter and more romantic area of the city, because in all honesty, as fun as it was to see Juliette’s balcony and pretend we were Jacobians waltzing into romantic tragedies of our own, tourists don’t exactly align with much time for thought or reflection.

Climbing up to the highest point in the infamous bridge overlooking Verona, we settled against one of the openings above the river. The ancient stones felt warm after a day’s worth of sun shining upon them, and they were becoming a vibrant orange as the sun dipped even lower against the river below us. Girls on the opposite perch to us were just opening a bottle of wine and settling for a picnic. As for P and I, we spent the entire evening dreaming and talking of love, memories, the future…What a perfect ending to a very romantic day xx

6 thoughts on “In Fair Verona Where We Lay Our Scene

      1. Yes, we were there on our Europe family holiday in 2015. Still to publish a post on beautiful Verona. We actually stayed on a vineyard/b&b in Vallegio Sul Mincio, 20 mins south/west of Verona. I loved staying in and discovering the smaller towns. X

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