Dolphins at Sunset

We linked arms as sand kicked up around us, our bare feet slipping in to the warming sand as the sun steadily got lower and lower in the sky across the water. Waves blew into shore and kids splashed despite the fact that, for a summer’s evening, there was an icy chill blowing.

Apart from families paddling in the breakwaters, the shore itself was sparse. We lay out our towel, stretching its corners to fit the abundance of goodies we had procured (while C froze in the supermarket aisles! So much for the British ability to conquer the cold!) Olive breads, hummus, fruits and crackers rolled out onto the blanket with the crown jewel – a whole watermelon – settled right in the middle, digging into the sand so it didn’t roll right into the sea! Absolutely enamoured with our spread, we took two spoons and dug them into the vibrant pink flesh, our dream of eating-watermelon-with-a-spoon-on-the-beach-with-our-best-friend finally realised.


There’s not a doubt in my mind that I will never forget C’s face simply glowing as she rest her head and arms on her knees. She looked wistfully out to sea, the sky at the horizon turning quickly into a fluid mass of purples and blues. The sea beneath that incredible sky dappled with light, catching diamond-like dots of dying sunlight.


“If there weren’t sharks, I’d totally go in,” C mused, still in a dream-like state overlooking the scene. It was getting quite purple now, the orange light of the day well and truly gone.

“There aren’t any sharks!” I laughed, but to my horror, C jerked upright and pointed to the ocean at that moment. “What?!”

“I just saw a fin!”


“It’s not going to reappear now, is it? Just to make me look a fool!” C laughed but the laugh was certainly tinged with nervous energy – was it that dreaded shark?


We scanned the horizon, and lo and behold a fin did reappear – and then another fin, and another. Dolphins! Incredulity plastered across our faces, we watched in absolute delight as the dolphins played and dived right close to shore. Over and over they lapped the shoreline, but eventually they swum out towards the cliffs cornering Kurnell. As the sky darkened, we forgot our nibbles and took to people watching. Our favourite hobby, my favourite person, a perfect evening xx

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