Late at Lancaster Library

“Library’s that way,” I said, steering him back towards the main library as he went to cross Alex Square.

“Mmm maybe, but we haven’t done the most important part of the official study routine.”

Back across Alex Square, he popped into Subway, and we ordered a few cookies. It was close to midnight and the franchise was still buzzing with students having a late night feast. We retreated back into the cold, and eventually found our way near the third floor of the library, in a quiet section, with seats barricaded from the others by mini wooden walls. Dumping a couple of cookies on my desk, he took the seat next to me, and for 40 minutes we worked solidly on our assignments. As my eyes were starting to droop, he tapped me on the shoulder and beaconed me to follow him.

“This is the best part of the routine,” he whispered, leading the way through bookshelves and cramming students, up staircases I didn’t know existed, and between silent zones and study pods. “You get to see what’s up, and everything that’s happening.”

Wheeling round now, we resorted to getting back to study, though the 1am tour of Lancaster Library was a lot more appealing than my books seemed to be xx


I shuffled out of my room as quietly as I could, taking extra care not to click the hallway door loudly as I left. Anywhere in Sydney, walking alone at 2am might’ve felt unsafe, but campus was still awake and I had had enough of the drama in the flat, anyway. The library was my solitude, and although I was hardly awake and no doubt doing nothing productive, it felt exhilarating to be somewhere away from everyone but yet still with people. A 24 hour library certainly seemed a blessing in disguise xx

I pulled some leggings on under my nightgown, and draped a scarf over my shoulders. What a sight I must’ve looked, but at 1am, I certainly didn’t feel like dressing up just to get something printed.

“I don’t know how the hell I forgot to print this,” I huffed as we rushed through the cold, neither of us dressed for the occasion. The library was unusually quiet (but probably a good thing given our get-up) but the job was done, no matter the fact that I was in pyjamas and he had my fluffy pink socks on, stuffed in his trainers xx

With a bag of chips and a coffee in tow, L and I pressed our hands and faces against the window in the library, where C was sitting, stressing but procrastinating (as usual!). Our act earned a giggle, and we rushed in to sit beside her before the seat was taken. It wasn’t too late – maybe close to 9pm – but finding a seat wasn’t likely, so our rushing was justified. As C made headway on her essay, L and I played the role of annoying-but-needed comic relief, throwing chips around and tapping C on the head then ducking behind the seat! xx


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