Views // City Edition


Edinburgh, Scotland 2016 // Peering over the cold stones making up the outer wall of Edinburgh Castle, the entire ancient city spilled down the hill and into a neat, gothic metropolis, complete with Christmas market, sea and that dense greyness only found in Scotland.


Paris, France 2016 // The Sacre-Coeur dominated most of the tourist’s camera lenses, but I looked behind to find the most underrated view of the City of Love – that of normal life in the 18th arrondissement, played out right below the infamous white peaks of the church.


Greenwich, London 2016 // The rain that had only just started to ease up made way for a glorious sunset as the clouds parted right on 6pm. From the hill in Greenwich Park, the entirety of London’s Canary Wharf was captured, stretching all the way to The Shard. It makes you feel quite small, really, looking out at London from so far away and above xx

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