Picnics in Paris

R flew across the scene in a cartwheel as the Eiffel Tower loomed behind her. E was snapping pics, managing to get only a couple decent ones (and one where the Tower was, uh, between R’s legs), and then we all took turns hosting the most touristy of photos – arms outstretched, trying to capture that clever angle where we could point down at La Tour Eiffel.


“Ok, ok, that baguette is definitely staring at us now.”

“Mmmmmmm the macarons…”

“Dessert first?”

As romantic as we could manage on a budget, we lay out our jackets as our skin felt the warmth of the sun’s rays (England deprives us, that’s for sure) and created the most Insta-worthy picnic – atop the fabric lay fresh baguettes, croissants, cheeses and spreads, grapes, Laduree macarons. The piece-de-resistance, though, had to be our cheap supermarket wine, because #classystudyabroad.



As we began to tuck into our feast, a couple in front of us began to set up a camera and take the typical loved-up shots in the City of Love, their camera propped on a tripod. The man popped back behind the camera to check something, and next thing we know, to a rumble of applause from strangers across the park, he gets down on one knee and pops the question to a resounding YES!

We begin to chat about how ~romantic~ this all is, before the couple sit down to re-watch their video and series of photos and are promptly asked by another touristy couple to take their photo. So much for a romantic moment!

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