A Stroll Along the Seine

You know that weather where it’s hot enough in the middle of the day to be strolling about sans-jacket, but as soon as the clouds overwhelm the skies and the slightest bit of wind awakes, there’s a definite chill? That’s Paris in May for you, with balmy Summer right around the corner, and just enough of a cold tinge to the air that your cheeks still feel chillyΒ even though you probably just trudged up a million stairs on your way to the Sacre-Coeur.

It was the kind of climate where I was able to lay, head resting on my rolled up coat while my skin soaked up the sun that still hadn’t ~quite ~ reached England yet, as I stared up at the Eiffel tower after having devoured half a baguette from a nearby bakery. The kind of warm haze after a night of rain where the cherry blossoms overhead became a little blurry and emanated a simply magical pinkish hue to the towering structure overhead. Where my croissant (yes, I did manage to devour half a baguette AND a croissant in one sitting – no judgement!) flakes were all the more golden in the sunlight.



The kind of day that saw me going from that lazy picnic to suddenly thrusting my same trusty coat over my head as we raced to the love-lock bridge and rushed to blow on the permanent marker that kept our initials on our lock so it would dry before it was subject to the ever-changing Spring weather. Where we hastily waved goodbye to the man selling the trinkets as he stood under the shelter of a caved umbrella, while we hurried along to a taxi, thanking our lucky stars that one arrived just as we pulled up.

That balmy night where we drank wine from a mini bottle with plastic glass attached at the head, giggling as we perched ourselves on the ledge overlooking the Eiffel Tower once more. It glittered and lit the sky with the most breathtaking shimmer, as we clinked our glasses (albeit needing to make the *clink* sound ourselves given the plastic), and the rain started to fall once more, although much lighter and airier now, emanating the same kind of magic that the sparkling Tower also gave.


Ahhh to be in Paris in May… xx

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