Easter, a year on

I got back from my walk and pushed my way into my room, feeling numb and dreary. The walk – in near complete darkness – along the outskirts of Lancaster University’s campus had gone on for a couple of hours, but still I wanted to be out there, alone, the chill biting at my cheeks and the only sound the wind in my ears. I had sat watching the pond near the gym of campus for a few minutes, watching the ducks huddle against the cold together in their little families, and had been irrevocably sad that Easter was coming and I wasn’t in Sydney with my own little family.


Granted, April had flown by and I had been in Sydney for Easter technically, but if we’re going off technicalities then technically Orthodox Easter fell a few weeks after everyone else had celebrated the holiday. I was firmly back on British land. And my family, the traditions, the Churches, the food, were all a day away in Sydney.

– Are you back yet?

– Yeah, gonna jump in the shower

Within seconds a soft knock came to my door, and he pushed it open tentatively.

“Hey, you ok?” He came closer, his grey Faze hoodie warm and his voice sleepy. He brushed his hand past my cheek, and his brown eyes had me drowning.

“I’m fine,” I lied, but the force of the chatter was pushing tears to the surface. “I just need a hug.”

Before he could say anything, or see me crying, I wrapped my arms around him, feeling a million times better, and somehow a million times more sad, when he held me with just as tight a grip. He kissed the top of my head, and pushed back a little before saying, “When’s your Easter?”

“Sunday,” I said, feeling very small and silly about my emotions over being so far from my family, when I very clearly had people close to me here in England, too.

“I’ll sort it,” he assured me. “We’ll go in the morning, find a Greek Church somewhere, and I’ll organise an Easter dinner with the flat, ok? Get our GREEK ON!” I giggled, finally out of my slump, feeling energised and ready to make my own version of Easter here, with friends in place of family, but just as much love, as much food, as much appreciation for every single experience and every passing year xx


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