Tea Tricks

Earl Grey – the Crown Jewel in my array of teas which sat despondently in my second drawer. At home consumed every morning without fail, but here its precious tea leaves were saved for more opportune moments when the world was finally quiet (a rarity in a flat filled with raucously fun individuals) and a book was finally in hand.

Yorkshire Tea – the British staple and, surprisingly, a tender morsel of home as the very same box of strong English Breakfast was no doubt also nestled in my kitchen cupboard across the world in Sydney.

Ginger and Lemon – a remedy of sorts, saved for the bouts of flu I inevitably endured as the British cold (and my lack of preparation for it) battled my body. Strong and immune-kicking, this brew was my saviour whenever I felt the niggling starts of illness…

Chamomile – designed to calm, and indeed, particularly during those first few weeks, a solid cup of steaming chamomile was all I could do save cry as loneliness and homesickness hit hard. Needless to say, by the third week of exchange, the calming brew was no longer a survival technique, and was mostly used for the occasional stressful pre-exam days which darkened May.

Indian Rose – the delicacy of Kings, a loose-leaf blend which made it safely back to Sydney in my suitcase in a tiny glass jar with that shining gold lid. An absolute star both with milk and without, brewed on the stove or quickly stewed in the cup, its delicate flavour hosts a plethora of nostalgic memories of lazy mornings in London, and rainy days in Sydney.


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