“Ed is always you”

February 2016, Whitby, UK.

I popped another grape into my mouth as my phone buzzed with an audio message: Dark Times, The Weeknd ft. Ed Sheeran. “Listen to this!” he messaged. The haunting sounds became the backdrop for the weekend getaway, my only link to him, whom I had just started to get to know better, as I meandered the rocky hill that is solo travelling. The dark tones in the song complemented the eeriness of Whitby Abbey and the stormy seafront, and somehow comforted me, becoming the anthem to the beginning of our relationship.

May 2016, Lancaster UK

The rain battered the walls of the flat as we lay deep in conversation on his bed, leaving any drama in the flat behind and focusing completely on each other’s voices. As the clock hit 3am, our talking slowed and all that could be heard was the rain intertwined with Ed Sheeran’s X, the melodic voice and romantic vibes culminating in deep sleep and loving hearts.

July 2016, London, UK

My last night in England, him the big spoon, me the little, on his bed in the early hours of the morning. Ed Sheeran played through the laptop, Afire Love slowly lulling us to sleep after our midnight adventure in central London.

Put your open lips on mine and slowly let them shut

For they’re designed to be together, ohhhh

We smiled sadly into each others eyes, knowing this was the end, at least for now. The last time we listened to Ed together, the last few kisses, the very last night.

August 2016, Sydney, Australia

Sat on the floor by the heater with the fluffy pink socks he had stolen the entirety of my semester abroad, a glass of wine by my side and my laptop resting on me, I steadily worked through my essay. Until my playlist turned to Ed, and I couldn’t resist messaging him. It was all I could do to stop myself from crying.

“Ahhh Ed is always you” he replied almost instantaneously.

Ed is always you. And he’s always going to be xx

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