Beyond the Valley

“Honestly, the only thing I really hate about this is having to brush my teeth outdoors with that stupid tap thing,” I insisted, as L let out her pent up breath and hugged my shoulders. For a hotel-kinda-gal, “glamping” at Beyond the Valley hadn’t been half bad.


The lazy days sat with knees curled up to my chest, slowly swaying to the melodies of newfound music acts, hay and grass tickling the underside of my legs. The spider that thought he could wander aimlessly up my arm without repercussions… The sharp contrast of slow mornings playing Cards Against Humanity with the raucousness of the mosh pit on the festival floor at midnight.


As the storm battered the poor Victorian countryside, we ran with plates of patatas bravas towards our tent, our focus being on covering the food with our clear rain ponchos, all the while trying to ignore the fact that the hood of the ponchos had filled so fully with rain that whenever you tugged at them, a barrage of water wet your back. Emerging the next morning to the festival grounds sees a renewed landscape, hay covering the formerly muddy fields, prepared for a day of relaxed shenanigans under the sun.


Amidst the haze of glitter and cider comes New Years Eve – a feast of musical talent, hilarious costumes and all-round good cheer. The countdown begins: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Streamers, so orange they look like fire, spring from the top of the stage and onto the awaiting crowds, who cheer and dance and sing as the band begins to play right on midnight.

Early morning wake ups, stumbling sleepily to the showers, glitter still firmly stuck to your cheek, and a whole day in Melbourne lies ahead before a flight back to Sydney xx

p.s. If you’re interested in Beyond the Valley festival, check out their website!

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