Brexit and Besties

– Tube is delayed coz of flooding I’ll be there soon though

– Sorry I’m so late

– Ok tube is here I’ll be there in 20 minutes

The string of messages went on for the hour I sat watching YouTube on my bed, the clock slowly tipping over to midnight, our dinner plans definitely off the tables now. My eyes slowly sunk lower, my head nudging into a comfortable position on the pillows, pyjamas on and mindless social media scrolling in full force. But after less than half an hour, the doorbell to my AirBnB rang, and I sprung up, energy renewed as a chilled evening in was calling.

As I opened the door to his apologetic face that screamed “sorry I’m so late”, he just as quickly turned away instead of coming inside.

“I forgot something, hang on,” he said as he walked away for a moment.

From around the corner, a near-Rapunzel-like blonde head bounced out and hugged me. The tightest, most deliriously happy hug from someone I didn’t think I’d be seeing again when I said goodbye only a few days beforehand at uni. We had cried from devastation before, but now we were in tears as we laughed and jumped up and around the room, with him just stood proud that his plan had worked out perfectly.


Settling down into the sofa, the three of us rallied for a long night of Brexit watching as the votes were steadily counted, and the impossible outcome slowly became a reality.

At one point, nearing 4am, he fell asleep beside me, unconsciously grabbing my hand as he dreamt. C and I passed the time either in disbelief at the voting or else snap chatting for hours as time passed finally to 7am. He went home, keen to meet us both later for a day of giggling through the Natural History Museum, while C and I fell asleep, finally together again. If only this night could’ve lasted forever xx


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