Snapshots from 2016

First post of 2017! Happy New Year everyone!! I’m buzzing for 2017, there’s so much excitement happening in January, let alone the rest of the year, but to inspire you (and myself) to keep hustling for your dreams, I’ve popped some snapshots of my favourite and most incredible moments from last year here. I know it’s hard to keep motivated and to not let life’s challenges bring you down, but I genuinely believe that looking back in order to build a better future is so empowering. Let’s make 2017 magical xx

London in general – my most favourite place on earth!
Seeing snow for the first time in years, in Glasgow
Jumping into the Mediterranean in Nice with my flatmates
Going to a gig in Manchester with two of my closest friends
Back to the Motherland (aka Greece)
Seeing my idol in concert ahhhhh!
Sunsets in Santorini
Family time after 7 months away

So there we have it! 2016 in a nutshell (missing out hugely important other parts, of course), but I know looking back on how much I achieved waaaaaaay outside my comfort zone last year will only spur me on to try new things, go new places, say yes to new opportunities, and keep my spirit alive and kicking. Here’s to a wonderful 2017 xx

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