New Year’s Resolutions

Another year over, and a new one just begun….

^ I can’t help singing Happy Xmas (War is Over) by John Lennon all the way through to New Year – it’s the only Christmassy song that feels right to bring over past the 25th!

I love writing lists of New Years Resolutions (even if I don’t stick to them all!) and I love the idea of setting your intentions at the start of the year to remind you, guide you and clear your head in a space reserved for new beginnings. Here are my resolutions for 2017:

  • Add a quote to a beautiful notebook whenever the need arises – I did this in 2014 and ended up accumulating a wonderful treasury of quotes from when I was feeling inspired, loved, lonely, anxious, elated and like my heart was going to burst. It was a major comfort to me, so this definitely needs to be brought back
  • Travel – I did SO much travelling in 2016 (think: England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Holland, around Australia…) and it genuinely was the best decision I ever made. The world is so big and enriches me so much; there’s so much more I need to see.
  • Photograph the memories – I recently got a polaroid camera, and although it will never replace my trusty DSLR (or iPhone), it’s been so wonderful to string my polaroids along the walls in my bedroom. It’s just gorgeous to have the photos there physically, and it’s reminded me to go off and print some more so I can hang these memories everywhere.
  • Read, read, read – I used to be a massive bookworm, but with everything that was going on this year, I managed to read a total of 4 or 5 books (pitiful!) which is such a shame considering the books I did read, I loved.
  • Write, write, write – reading and writing go hand-in-hand for me, and I’m feeling more inspired than ever to set pen to paper and get my story going. I absolutely adore creative writing, and it’s my dream in life to one day pen a novel that gets published.
  • Graduate university – yes, I’m in fourth year in 2017 and although that’s a little scary (where the hell did the time go?!?!) it’s time to graduate, and graduate on time and hopefully uphold a Distinction average (fingers crossed).
  • Take opportunities as they come and say YES – I love to be spontaneous, but I also end up super anxious whenever new plans or changes arise, so I need to manage this dynamic better and take the plunge. After all, I made so many sporadic and spontaneous choices this year while on exchange, and it led me to some of the best memories I’ve ever had. Why not do this at home, too?
  • Be more social – when the university semester starts, I end up hibernating and becoming a study fanatic, but I really do want to stretch my wings a bit here and make a firm pattern of seeing friends (outside of uni campus) once a week at least.
  • Learn from my grandparents – everyone’s getting older (and sicker) and that just means it’s all the more important to spend time with them, call them, cook with them, hear their stories, look through their photographs, and make new memories as we celebrate the old. Family has to come first this year.


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