How to Survive London’s Boxing Day Rush

What a rush to be amidst the madness of festive cheer that is London at Christmas!

Last year I was lucky enough to land in London at 5am from a loooooooooong flight from Sydney begun the very same day with a 2am wake up (time zones are such a funny thing, aren’t they?). But with wonderful Christmas magic comes a flooding of people to the capital. So, how might you spend your Boxing Day in London without being trampled by crowds rushing down Oxford St in an effort to catch the greatest bargains?

Like any good morning, a trip to Borough Markets is essential, if not only for the olive cheese stick from Bread Ahead. Last year the markets were festooned with natural wreaths, sparkling lights and giant Christmas trees all with a rustic feel that just magnetised the magic the markets already boast.


Once you’re properly fed it’s time to brace the cold (and the crowds) and meander the streets no doubt still well-lit with Christmassy decorations strung across the wonderfully-British black cabs and red buses below.


Cartier put on the most incredible display to adorn their building on New Bond St. And you can’t miss Carnaby St (pictured below with those awesome modern drop lights). Both these streets have wonderful shopping that isn’t amongst the absolute crushing madness of Oxford St, though I have to admit, we did spend a number of hours browsing there, mostly hidden up in the higher levels of John Lewis!


And finally, you can’t do Christmas or Boxing Day in London without visiting Covent Garden – yes, it’s also a mad rush of shopping in there, but the complex and it’s decorations are always too magical to miss.


So there you have it – the best places to see the Christmassy sights in London without going totally mad from crowding in the shopping mecca that is Oxford St. A couple of years before, I went to the skating rink in Canary Wharf, though I hear the one outside the Natural History Museum in South Kensington is absolutely stunning!



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