Cake pop Snowmen

Frostyyyyy the snowman was a jolly happy soul….

“Jax, when’s the Christmas dinner??” came the flood of texts through my phone as December loomed nearer. Hosting a get together with my five closest friends (squad, if you will) had become a tradition, and once a tradition – particularly around Christmas – is set, I would rather break a bone than break the sentimentality of it all.

“The 16th,” I said rather decidedly.

A long night of cheese platters, Christmassy-treats and dancing by the pool awaits us in a few days…but first, the preparation, which is arguably the best part.

Sydney has promised a series of hot weeks (punctuated by the cooling relief granted through thunderstorms) and while our bodies will be lapping up the gentle waves of the pool, our minds can’t help thinking about the magic of a white Christmas…



Bake a cake of any flavour you chose (I prefer chocolate) and when it has completely cooled, rub it between your fingers until it becomes a mass of crumbs in a bowl.

Mix the crumbs through with a few spoonfuls of ready-made or fresh icing until when you pinch some crumbs together they stick.

Roll the mixture to form mini balls of dough, and leaves to chill in the fridge for an hour at least. I ended up with 32 balls of cake, if that helps with sizing!


Once your cake balls have chilled, melt some white chocolate melts, and dip them in, draining off the excess before placing them on a tray lined with baking paper. Immediately stick a marshmallow onto the ball for the snowman head. Leave to chill in fridge until solid.

After your snowmen have chilled, spoon over more melted white chocolate so that the marshmallow head is covered, and the chocolate drips down ¾ of the snowman.


Now this is where we have to work a little faster than before – while this second coating of white chocolate is still wet, position cachous for eyes, a small orange chocolate cone or chip for the carrot nose, a fruit tingle and a mini marshmallow OR a lolly beanie, and some quartered strap lollies for a scarf. Feel free to be as creative as you like – maybe one snowman doesn’t feel the cold as much, and would rather buttons than a scarf, in which case you could use more cachous.



Bestow the magic of a snowy festive season upon your guests (even if you live, like me, in the Southern Hemisphere) and delight their bellies with these cute little creatures xx

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