Boris Biking in Hyde Park

“6pm closing time, I’m afraid,” the security guard said with the slight tilt of his head that suggested a sincere apology. Stereotypes about people being surly in London seemed to be proving untrue as far as I was concerned.  “Try again tomorrow.”

We pulled away from the Science Museum and back into the slow drizzle of the South Ken street.

“What now?” I asked – he was the Londoner, so I (rather selfishly) kept putting it on him to make the plans.

“Let’s get on a bus and see where it goes,” he said, taking my hand and weaving us through the peak hour foot traffic to the nearest bus stop, and onto a random bus. It was all part of the adventure – random bus, random destination, random escapade!


It might seem silly for us to have alighted at Hyde Park Corner, but really, given the slowly setting sun and the (increasingly heavy) rain, we had the entire park to ourselves save for some pesky ducks who seemed to have taken advantage of the emptiness and piled onto all the footpaths! With Boris bikes in hand, we peddled off along the Serpentine, across the river, and around the entire park. It was exhilarating. No one around, just us peddling fast and joking around as we interlaced across all the paths, through the congregation of ducks, racing past lines of stagnant traffic on the outskirts of the parklands. He fell – once – and it caused me to falter as I doubled over laughing so hard as he regained his composure and hopped right back to it.


As cheesy as it sounds – we rode through the sunset, soaking wet from the never-ending drizzle, cackling along the Serpentine…


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