British Bucket List

There’s so many wonderful things that Britain affords visitors, and unfortunately a lot of ‘bucket-list’ items can look incredibly touristy. Instead, try to knock off these 20 British adventures! I think I’m up to 14/20, and by no means is this an exhaustive list. What else should I add?

  1. Eat fish and chips on a beach (I tried this one in Whitby on Valentine’s Day weekend – that afternoon, it snowed at the beach, and I went for ice cream. There’s a first time for everything!)
  2. Have the great ‘what constitutes the North and South of England’ debate – fair warning, this one is sure to get rowdy! I’ve found it’s most agreeable to keep saying “Birmingham’s the midlands!” over and over, and let the Brits do the real arguing.
  3. Spend a day and do everything touristy you could imagine in London. Just one day, and fit it all in. Then collapse in bed and marvel at the amount of walking you did today! Good on you! Plus, you got all those happy snaps your mum will be asking to see once you’re home.
  4. Boris Bike it through Hyde Park. If bikes aren’t your thing, try peddle boating on the Serpentine! It’s much harder than it looks, I won’t lie!
  5. Stand on a busy platform in London and complain about the Tube to whoever’s standing closest to you. Bonus points if you manage to throw in a shady comment about the weather, too.
  6. Walk around Harrods with the air of someone very important. It’s fun to pretend you can afford all these wonderfully expensive things, even if it is a dream.
  7. Get lost in the back streets of Kensington – it’s one of the most beautiful suburbs in London, in my opinion.
  8. Drive from the South to the North of England (or the other way round). It’s a wonderful way to experience the country, and it’s so fun to notice the small differences as you gradually make your way up. Plus, you get to stop off anywhere that looks nice to you. I ended up spending a weekend in Plymouth in 2014 when a few days before, I honestly hardly knew it existed! The best plans are sometimes the most impulsive.
  9. Cross the borders into every country in the UK and marvel at the fact that, look mum, no passports!
  10. Get the front row, top-deck seat on a double-decker bus (I call this pole position, and yes, sometimes you have to run for it)
  11. Have afternoon tea at the Ritz
  12. Watch a Shakespearean play in Stratford-Upon-Avon
  13. Get to Glastonbury
  14. Watch the sunset over London from a vantage point or park (my favourite being Greenwich)
  15. Be present on Boxing Day for the mad rush of Boxing Day sales on Oxford St
  16. Try one of the Great British Bake Off challenges (okay, so this one technically doesn’t have to be done in Britain…)
  17. Dance atop a cliff (maybe try Wales – Llandudno is gorgeous) overlooking the ocean. Trust me, it’s exhilarating.
  18. Get yourself to the North of England, and go on a pub crawl.
  19. Fantasy house hunt in the Cotswolds – you may want to be a little shorter for this one, ceilings weren’t quite so high back then, and you may find yourself bumping heads with some majestically old piece of wood.
  20. Prepare your greatest British accent, hop in a taxi, and maintain your very best Downton Abbey-esque performance all the way to your destination.


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