I’ve Left My Heart in England…


I took this photograph on my last night in London, a mere 7 weeks ago, cuddling up to someone who had become a very big part of my life over the past 7 months. It was a bittersweet moment – I had said that before I left this glorious city I needed to hear Big Ben chime for midnight for the last time from across the Thames, and so he organised an Uber and dinner and we were there as the clock struck 12. As soon as I heard the chimes, though, I knew my 7 month adventure was in its final short hours, and I couldn’t help but just take it in for a few moments longer (no matter the cold – chilly Summer nights in England, anyone?)

Fast-forward 20 hours and I was on a plane, desperately flicking through photos like these on my phone as we took off towards Dubai then Sydney. The images were burnt into my memory, but seeing them in my hand made it feel so much closer, and time not so short.

I’ll be back, England, before either you or I know it!


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